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Flu Vaccine Missed Its Mark This Year

Jan. 15, 2004 — This year’s flu shot didn’t keep individuals from getting the flu, the CDC reports.

The discoveries are still preliminary, but they basically show that people who got the flu vaccine were just about as likely to get flu-like indications as those who didn’t get the shot.

Of course, the vaccine isn’t planned to halt people from getting flu-like symptoms. It’s outlined to anticipate severe flu ailment and death. Did it? Those numbers aren’t yet in.

The CDC still inclinations people at risk of flu complications — the elderly, the very youthful, and those with constant illnesses — to get a flu shot. That’s since the flu season isn’t over yet and the vaccinedoes ensure against two of the three kinds of flu included within the immunization.

The CDC’s down-and-dirty think about looked at approximately 3,000 healthcare laborers in Colorado. It didn’t test them to see whether they really got the flu. It fair asked whether they had flu-like ailment: Fever, hack, and/or sore throat.

Overall, in Colorado the flu immunization did not show up to have any viability at preventing flu-like ailment, the CDC found.

The findings do not apply to the FluMist inhaled antibody, which may be more broadly viable than the flu shot. The report shows up in the Jan. 16 issue of the CDC’s Dreariness and Mortality Week by week Report.

Flu Scourge Proceeds To Disappear

Flu is presently far reaching in 20 states and in Unused York City. That’s down from 38 states (also Unused York City and Washington, D.C.) the week before.

Open wellbeing authorities keep score agreeing to the rate of healing center visits stemming from « influenza-like sickness. » Final week, that rate was down in all regions of the country. It ranged from a high of 3.4% within the Pacific locale (The frozen north, Calif., Hello there., Metal., and Wash.) to 1.9% in the Mountain (Ariz., Colo., Idaho, Mont., Nev., N.M., Utah, and Wy.) and West North Central (Iowa, Kan., Minn., Mo., Neb., N.D., and S.D.) regions.

SOURCE: CDC Dreariness and Mortality Week after week Report, Jan. 16, 2003; vol 53: pp 8-13.

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